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I just wanted to share this link with you from the CEO of, Andrew Torba. The military is a unique animal, and by its very nature, the men and women who serve may have to do some very unpleasant things…things they would not ordinarily do. However, regarding the COVID vaccine, if you have an objection to taking it and are being forced to, you may be eligible for a reasonable accommodation for religious exemption. The link below has some good information and some downloadable forms should you need them. This is also germane to those of you not in the military but are being forced to take a vaccine by your employer.

For the record, I am not opposed to vaccines in general. However, I along with many Americans have questions that are reasonable and are getting either “do it because of SCIENCE” without providing any scientific bases for it whatsoever, or “do it because we said so and you are a horrible person if you don’t”. Also, I along with many Christians have objections with how the research is being conducted (i.e., with fetal stem cells from elective abortions).

So, if this applies to you and you wish to find a way to avoid taking a vaccine that is against your deeply held religious beliefs or because it is still not a fully and scientifically vetted product, click here and I hope it helps. Thanks to Mr. Torba for putting this out:

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