It’s Always Something…

As things started to progress back to “normal” as indicated in my last post, hindrances seem to pop up to thwart what we are doing for the Kingdom! Last week, the Biden Administration mandated masks yet again for federal entities which includes military bases and that seemed to put the brakes on efforts to climb out of “pandemic mode”. The devil is always working to hinder efforts to share the Gospel message because the power of the message is in the message itself! “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16). We can take joy in this type of stumbling block…it means we are being effective for the Lord in our efforts. The Lord is certainly working in this mission field, and I’m sure the devil hates it!

Nonetheless, this last Saturday we had a WONDERFUL time and had (conservatively) over 30 military men and women come inside! It was mostly Air Force with a mixture of Army thrown in! Doug Rice invited a group of 12 Air Force trainees to come in and pin their hometowns on our maps, and five of them with whom I spoke were spiritually mature Christians! Such young men and so solid in their faith! A few of them are pictured here. We encouraged them to stay close to the Lord in their training pipeline and also be ready to share with others who are not saved.

We also had a large group of military from a Lackland Tech School come in, and they enjoyed some R&R in our game room. They really seemed to enjoy themselves and I got to share the Gospel with several of them who gave me their full attention and participation! I am hopeful that they will be back in on the next few weekends until they head on to their next duty station. All of them continue to be in my prayers and the prayers of the workers at this Center!

So, as the powers-that-be in our country continue to breed fear and confusion about what is left of the pandemic, keeping “pandemic measures” for the government and businesses in place and most importantly trying to instill Socialist ideologies in lieu of personal freedoms […prove me wrong…], keep praying for our young men and women who are at the tip of the spear to fight for all the liberties that we hold dear in this country. Wherever and whenever possible, stand up for the US Flag, the national anthem, and the Constitution; and kneel in prayer for this country, our governmental leaders and our military who are standing the watch around the clock so we may sleep easy. God bless!

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