Go Navy!

The great rivalry between Army and Navy was settled in a great football game this evening with Navy coming out on top 17-13 in an upset. Check out the game summary here: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/army-vs-navy-score-updates-highlights/ujl06vonl2971js15aq1su48r.

We are proud of our Midshipmen, but the Golden Knights of the Army played a fantastic game as well! Navy football had a rough season, but the records are thrown out when these two teams play! It is good to see our future commissioned leaders in the Armed Forces fight it out on the gridiron, and we are hopeful that they will have successful and safe careers on active duty. God bless them!

At the Center, we had both Navy and Army active duty come in to pin the map of their hometowns, and though they didn’t partake of the wonderful finger food provided as a pot luck between all of the volunteers, they did get to “consume” the Gospel of Jesus Christ when we talked with them. Some were saved already, and some left thinking about what was said. We pray that their heads do not hit the pillow tonight without placing their faith in Jesus as Saviour! The seeds have been planted…we pray that God will give the increase!

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