Dumping Big Tech

We are leaving the social media platforms that censor free, conservative speech.

One of the main issues this country faces today is the control of information. Anything that is not a part of the government’s approved narrative is blocked or discredited by so-called independent fact-checkers in the news, on social media platforms, and on big tech controlled internet platforms (Google, Amazon, etc). This is tantamount to Marxist’s control of propaganda outlets, which we call our mainstream media, in Socialist or Communist countries. This is why we are attempting to get our messages out on our website in the form of this blog. Even with Facebook, our posts were throttled and shadow-blocked because we are vocal about our conservative Christian views. We will not be silenced! Somehow, some way we will get you the news regarding our ministry and about things you need to know in order to pray specifically for our ministry needs. God bless you all, and please bear with us as we “learn to blog”!

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