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PLEASE NOTE: Because we are a para-church, tax-exempt religious organization, we are focused on sharing the Gospel of Jesus to military men and women and are not inclined to share political views. We do not endorse any political party or politician.

However, we MUST stand for the law of the land: the United States Constitution. It affects the military and each and every one of us. This may mean we are in a gray area regarding our tax-exempt status, but without the Constitution we have no Federal Republic and if we have no Federal Republic, we will replace it with Marxism/Socialism/Communism. If this happens, the government will become god and Christian organizations, churches, and all religious worship will become illegal.

We all, especially Christians and the Christian church, need to stand for this country and the Constitution because by doing so, we are standing for Almighty God who instituted this country and brought it into existence in order to achieve His purpose. Please pray for us as we step out to share the truth that may not be seen in the controlled mainstream media. Our blog will post relevant articles about our operations in between newsletters, military news, and news that affects the Constitution and freedoms of this great country.

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