Print Shop Issues

For any of our supporters who receive the Good News Bulletin in the regular mail, we apologize for getting the October edition out so late in the month. Several equipment and software issues contributed to the delay. We would like to encourage any of you who have computer access and/or an email address you use… Continue reading Print Shop Issues

Untold Truth about Vaccine Deaths – Please Share

OK, everyone. This affects the military but also affects all of us around the world. This report is from the Gateway Pundit authored by Wayne Root and is entitled: “The Government and CDC Are Lying About Covid Vaccine and Ivermectin. The Question is Why?” Below is the full article. Please share because this is being… Continue reading Untold Truth about Vaccine Deaths – Please Share

We are on GAB.COM!

In order to promote our First Amendment rights to free speech, to include on social media, we decided to start an account on Gab. Check us out at @ChristianServiceCentersInc_SA. Click here to follow us!

News You Can Use…(especially for the military)

I just wanted to share this link with you from the CEO of, Andrew Torba. The military is a unique animal, and by its very nature, the men and women who serve may have to do some very unpleasant things…things they would not ordinarily do. However, regarding the COVID vaccine, if you have an… Continue reading News You Can Use…(especially for the military)

It’s Always Something…

As things started to progress back to “normal” as indicated in my last post, hindrances seem to pop up to thwart what we are doing for the Kingdom! Last week, the Biden Administration mandated masks yet again for federal entities which includes military bases and that seemed to put the brakes on efforts to climb… Continue reading It’s Always Something…

Slow Return to Normal

I just wanted to take a moment to let all of you know that the Air Force Basic Military Training graduates are once again allowed to enjoy town pass with their families once they officially become “Airmen”! Last Thursday we had several families come in with their new Airman but sadly they were quite rushed… Continue reading Slow Return to Normal


We found out today that one of our long-time supporters went home to be with the Lord on April 30th. Ruth Storie was a delight to chat with on the phone and I am saddened I never got to meet her over the last 6 years that Beth and I have been a part of… Continue reading Homecoming…