Pray for Israel

As Christians and as Americans, we need to pray for Israel and that God will bless them during this ongoing skirmish with the Palestinians. They are under attack by Hamas operatives, and like any sovereign nation, they are retaliating in kind. I suspect that Iran is very likely behind this as well. May our Creator… Continue reading Pray for Israel


I’m not sure about you, but I am tired of the overuse and abuse of the word “racism” in society these days. Anyone who does not agree with the governmental narrative is decried a racist. But does disagreement on political, social or religious issues fit the definition of racism? Let’s look at what racism is… Continue reading Racism

Will a Political Paul be Called?

If you are like me, you are agonizing over all of the political happenings the Biden administration is forcing down the throats of conservative Americans. As a Christian, one cannot honestly call the actions of our government in line with God’s Word or His will (i.e., the legalization and celebration of abortion, infanticide, same-sex marriage,… Continue reading Will a Political Paul be Called?

Dumping Big Tech

We are leaving the social media platforms that censor free, conservative speech.

One of the main issues this country faces today is the control of information. Anything that is not a part of the government’s approved narrative is blocked or discredited by so-called independent fact-checkers in the news, on social media platforms, and on big tech controlled internet platforms (Google, Amazon, etc). This is tantamount to Marxist’s… Continue reading Dumping Big Tech