Alone and Unafraid

There is so much happening in Ukraine right now, the best source of up-to-the-minute reporting is here. I don’t really like putting a bunch of links in these posts because they can be taken down by censors or simply by the one who posted the article, but due to the fast pace of the Russian advance, this may be the best bet.

I cannot emphasize enough that we must pray for the situation going on in Ukraine. Pray that the Lord will place stumbling blocks in the path of Putin and his forces and that no more lives on either side will be lost. Since Russia launched an air, sea and ground attack targeting the capital of Kyiv and the second-largest city Kharkov yesterday, President Zelensky reported 137 Ukrainians killed and over 300 wounded.

Among the dead were 13 soldiers on Snake Island, who when ordered to surrender by a Russian military ship, responded defiantly even knowing that they were facing overwhelming odds. BBC reports the details here and this is a part of that report:

“This is a Russian warship,” one voice says in the clip. “I propose you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary victims. Otherwise you will be bombed”

According to the audio, the Ukrainian soldiers can then be heard speaking amongst themselves, agreeing “this is it”, before their final “go to h***”.

According to Ukrainian officials, those were the last words heard from the island before Russia began strikes and Kyiv lost contact with the island.

The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives. Military and civilians alike are pushing back on a more powerful Russian military force.

From a Mike Huckabee post: Russia claims it’s now surrounded and cut off Kyiv from the outside world and captured an important cargo airport. It’s reported that saboteurs have entered some neighborhoods where shots and explosions have been heard. The mayor said, “The enemy wants to put the capital on its knees and destroy us.” The city has entered a defensive posture, and it’s reported that Ukrainians are fighting back with personal arms.

Ukraine’s President has condemned other world leaders, including Biden, who he claims are “watching from afar.” The insufficient and half-hearted sanctions imposed by Biden and other countries condemning Putin can be evaluated in a month or so according to Biden’s press conference yesterday. Did the United States not, at one time a short year plus ago, lead the world against acts of aggression such as this? What a difference a sham election can make. Ukrainians are fighting alone while the whole world watches…including the United States. Unsat.

Now, we must be careful because it will not take much for the US to get involved in a declared war against a nuclear power, Russia. NATO’s Article 5 which states an attack on one is an attack on all would catapult us into armed conflict and our men and women will be once again facing the dangers of war. This entire situation is complicated, volatile, and dangerous for even our own interests.

Finally, maybe it is just me, but I see this as an opportunity for Russia and China to make nice against a common enemy…the United States. This could be a catastrophic world war scenario that would likely have a high casualty count for all involved. We need to pray for peace, but more so we need to pray for the Lord to give us wisdom to act according to His divine will.

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