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Christian Service Centers see the need of reaching our military young people for Christ and providing for them a "Home-Away-From-Home" with the Bible. We are not a church, but we complement the ministries of local churches by meeting needs of military personnel that may not be recognized within the local church community. We have a non-denominational Statement of Faith and are an evangelistic Christian outreach to those who serve in the Armed Forces. Our men and women in uniform are offered a safe environment of recreation, relaxation and refreshments at no cost to them and they are able to participate in a longstanding local military tradition (in San Antonio since August, 1978) where they place a pin for their home town in our maps!


Wholesome recreation, refreshments, reading and writing rooms, and Christian counseling.

Saved by Grace

Hundreds of Decisions for Christ each year. The fruit of our ministry may be found in the major Christian Schools across America, in many of our pastorates and several Mission fields around the world.


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These Christian Service Centers are entirely supported by the gifts of churches and individuals who see this unparalleled opportunity for reaping spiritual harvest, and the urgent necessity of building character in our youth, our Nation's hope for tomorrow.

Founder E. W. Crockett (August 3, 1905 - December 19, 1988)

Our Centers were founded by E. W. Crockett (August 3, 1905 - December 19, 1988), whom God used to start the work at the beginning of World War II in 1941. Assisting is a staff of competent counselors and soul-winners, a Board of Directors comprised of consecrated business men and Pastors from across the Nation.

Cliff Castle

Executive Director

Born into a Christian family in northeastern Ohio, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior in 1980 and followed in believer’s baptism shortly thereafter.

I joined the Navy in 1988 as a Machinist Mate and after six years, cross–rated to Operations Specialist. During my tenure in the Navy, I served on five ships and two shore stations, the last of which was my twilight tour at the Pentagon where I retired in 2008.

Joining the Navy was an excellent decision on my part, but God was in control the whole time. Military life went a long way towards providing personal and professional development, but I noticed a big void with respect to spiritual development and consequently was drawn away from my walk. I am thankful for His patience, and He never left me…I rededicated my life to Him in 2006.

Then in 2009 I was blessed with meeting my wife Beth, who was also a retired Navy Chief, and we married in 2010. As we listened to God’s call for us, we were led to Texas, and more specifically San Antonio. At the beginning of 2015, Beth was a defense contractor for the Navy and I was a federal employee with FEMA while we were living in northern Virginia, but all of that was easy to leave knowing that we were operating inside of God’s will and that He would provide all our needs! With a heart for Jesus and a love and understanding of the military culture, we stepped out on faith in order to serve and glorify Him as a part of the Christian Service Center organization!

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Thousands of servicemen come from other countries to America for training. Many of these are saved in our Centers and return to their own country, taking the gospel to their people.